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This is where I sell licences for using the cartoons . If you have any sort of a problem using the shop then please get in touch.

Licences for using resources

How to order
You can order by printing off an order form and posting it (UK only), or via this page using Paypal (Anywhere in the world). Please note that these prices are for non-profit publications with a circulation of less than 3000. For a commercial or academic use license or for publications with a circulation greater than 3000 please e-mail me for an individual quote.

Non-UK customers
Paypal should be able to convert your currency into UK pounds at the time of purchase. Approximate amounts for the different licences in US dollars are shown below but the exact amount will vary. Once again, do get in touch if you have any questions about this.

Use a single cartoon, photocopyable cartoon worksheet or print one OHP acetate

3.00 (Approx $4.68 USD)

May we send you the occasional CartoonChurch newsletter?

Unlimited use of all resources for 12 months

Cartoons, cartoon worksheets, licence to make acetate copies, clipart for service sheet covers etc etc

35.00 (Approx $54.64 USD)

One or two quick questions first of all:

May we send you the occasional CartoonChurch newsletter?

Name of church (optional):

Making other payments to

You can make other one off payments to via this page.

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