How you can use the cartoons

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It is entirely free to look at the cartoons here on and you can print off an occasional copy for your own personal enjoyment without charge. There are lots of other things you can do with the cartoons too. We can provide licences for you to use the cartoons in a number of ways:


Churches, individuals within non-profit organisations (Circulation limit 3000)

*Use a single cartoon, photocopyable cartoon worksheet, project one cartoon or print one OHP acetate
£3.00 (Approx $4.70 USD*)

*Unlimited use of all resources in church publications for one year: cartoons, cartoon worksheets, licence to make acetate copies or project cartoons using a video projector, clipart for service sheet covers
£35.00 (Approx $54.88 USD*)

How to order
There are two ways to order a cartoon usage license:

1 – Order online
This is the easiest method. You can order online via the shop.

2 – Order by post
If sending a cheque is the easiest option for you please contact me for the address to send it to, as the PO Box address I’ve been using is no longer functioning. Sorry about this. The order form for licences is then available to download here (pdf document) or here (Microsoft Word document). You may find it easier to right click this link and select ‘Save Target As’ (Internet Explorer) or ‘Save Link As’ (Firefox). Just to repeat – please do not send your cheque to the PO Box address on the form.

Commercial or academic use

For a commercial or academic use license or for non-profit organisations

Please contact me for an individual quote. Please note that books that will be for sale are counted as a commercial use even if produced by a charity. Please ask if in doubt.


To use images on your own website or blog

If you’re a blogger you can use an occasional cartoon on your own personal blog provided:
1) You host it on your own server
2) You post a link to this site

If you would like to use a cartoon on any other website please ask about doing so. Please note that any unauthorised publication on web pages constitutes an infringement of copyright.


Using images in an essay / project / thesis / presentation

You may use a cartoon in your essay / project / thesis / presentation without charge.


*Approximate exchange rate, November 2014